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"The FIRE-UP training changed my view of giving presentations from stressful, to an opportunity to have some fun, entertain and educate and most importantly build credibility with an audience. Follow this time tested approach and

I guarantee you will see the difference!"

Mark Moffett, Systems Engineer Director, Cisco Systems




"I’ve been putting sales teams through the FIRE-UP Training for over 10 years and it’s methodology and tips are field proven. The results I’ve experienced first hand are improved confidence and composure while public speaking, an increase in energy and connection with the audience and greater executive presence. I highly recommend the FIRE-UP Training and it’s approach to delivering winning presentations!"


Paul Werner, Vice President, F5 Networks




"If you do presentations of any type, the FIRE-UP Training is a must. The training will transform your presentations and make you look like a rock star!"

Alan Akina, CEO & Founder, 101 Financial




"The FIRE-UP Training is a powerful system that should be in every sales toolkit. It’s packed with practical, easy-to apply strategies that will leave your audience inspired and ready to take action!"


Wendy Yeager, Vice President of Enablement, Okta



"After putting my team through the FIRE-UP Training, I got excellent feedback and the team wanted more. However, what really struck me was that I consistently heard the team using the techniques and applying them to our business. These

techniques became ingrained in our ongoing business culture."


Gregg Fiddes, Head of Chrome Technology Partnerships, Google

"After going through this course, I started revising and improving my next presentation. My audience will want to thank the FIRE-UP team!”

Tami Newcombe, President, Tektronix




"FIRE-UP helped me focus not just on developing my skill set, but more importantly I learned how to have connected conversations that inspire my audiences to action."

Vern Carlson, Vice President, AIG




"FIRE-UP is the best training on designing and delivering presentations. The FIRE-UP system is powerful and it works! Every organization that has people giving presentations needs this training."


Gino Blefari, CEO, Berkshire Hathaway Properties




"The FIRE-UP Training is a must for all aspiring executives. FIRE-UP will provide you with a compelling roadmap of how to build the capability for giving outstanding presentations. In short, FIRE-UP is an outstanding training which will change your approach to presentations forever!"

Richard Davies, Vice President, Coco Cola Enterprises




"FIRE-UP will help executives and managers move their teams action and will help salespeople shorten the sales cycle and close more sales. If you are an executive, a manager or salesperson, this training is a must!"


Brian Tracy, Chairman and CEO, Brian Tracy Learning Systems

"The FIRE-UP Training has helped me be better prepared for professional and personal growth! In a large company we all work extremely hard to build a stronger company and team. FIRE-UP gives us tools that help us accomplish our goals."


Dawn Maroney, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Alignment Healthcare




"The FIRE-UP Training is an absolute must for anyone who wants to take their presentations to the highest level! The FIRE-UP coaches have an amazing ability to connect with any audience and take them on an emotional journey with him. This training will help you identify the true outcome you’re looking for in any presentation and provide you with the strategy and tools to achieve that outcome."

David Healy, CEO, Aetna Health Insurance Co. Europe




"Any leader or sales executive who wants to persuade and motivate their audience, leaving them excited to take action NOW, should take the FIRE-UP Training. FIRE-UP captures the essence of not only how to communicate with passion, but what drives a listener to take action."


David Ruggiero, Vice President, Microsoft




"Giving presentations is a great way to expand your network and enhance your brand. The FIRE-UP Training makes it easy for you to master the strategies of the best presenters in the world. You’ll learn what it takes to stand out from other presenters and how to captivate any audience and move them to action!"


Ivan Misner, Ph.D., Founder and Chairman of BNI




"The ideas in the FIRE-UP Training have forever changed how my executive team and me approach the art and science of collaborating and presenting both internally and externally to our organization!"


Waheed Choudry, President & COO, Nexus

"The FIRE-UP Training is not only a must for anyone doing presentations but for anyone wanting to up their game in almost any area of life. FIRE-UP really gets to the nuts and bolts of what works in a methodical and powerful way. This training will eliminate any guess work on how to get your point across and deliver persuasive presentations and

make you a superstar."

Brian Johnson, President & CEO, Enterprises




"The FIRE-UP team successfully worked with my leadership teams for over 10 years and their approach has helped them become some of the very best at Cisco. FIRE-UP’s approach has helped me make better connections with my audience, tell better stories and fine tune my executive presence. FIRE-UP is a must for anyone that has to speak in front of a group!"


Jeff Sharritts, Senior Vice President, Cisco Systems




"The FIRE-UP Training outlines the elements of a great presentation and lays them out in an easy to follow and easy to implement manner. The FIRE-UP method is now the blueprint I follow for every presentation I make. Bottom line is that this formula works both for the presentation itself and you as a presenter."

Jeff Lamp, Former NBA Player, Lakers




"The FIRE-UP Training is filled with insightful tips that will help you maximize your potential as a presenter."


Tony Robbins, bestselling author and legendary presenter




"FIRE-UP started working with my team 6 years ago and the improvements were immediately noticeable. The training provides a concrete approach to connecting with your audience and motivating them to action. Whether you are a frequent or infrequent presenter, FIRE-UP is a roadmap to success."


Doug Good, Vice President, Zscaler

"Giving presentations is a skill that unfortunately only a few people ever master, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The FIRE-UP Training gives you the shortcuts you need to become an outstanding presenter."


John Gray, bestselling author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus




"I can personally say I use the FIRE-UP techniques and methods for all of my most critical meetings and presentations. The FIRE-UP team has a unique ability to bring out the best in people and they’re the best investment a leader can make to develop both yourself and your team."

Todd McLaughlin, Head of WW Sales Operations, Amazon Web Services




"The FIRE-UP Training is filled with valuable, tried and tested techniques to make your presentations impactful, less stressful and more memorable. I’ve used the FIRE-UP techniques to improve my presentation skills in front of my team, in front of thousands and even for a recent TED Talk. The FIRE-UP Training is an essential business asset for any professional looking to improve your game."


Chris White, Chief Revenue Officer, Bloom Technologies




"I took the FIRE-UP Training over 10 years ago and I still use what I learned in the training for every presentation I give. FIRE-UP has enabled me to connect with and impact audiences ranging from a few people to several thousand. FIRE-UP has worked wonders for me and it will for you too!"

Mike Ettling, CEO, Unit 4




"The FIRE-UP Training has been the highest rated training in our college hire program for many years. It’s approach to presentations is unique because it incorporates attitude and technique. The FIRE-UP Training gives our sellers the tangible techniques to support the confident attitude we need them to have when presenting to customers."


Jeff Cristee, VP, Sales Operations, Cisco Systems


"The powerful principles and practical tips in the FIRE-UP Training can help everyone become a better communicator. Anyone who is serious about improving their public speaking and presentation skills should make the FIRE-UP Training the anchor of their presentation strategy."

Troy McQuagge, CEO, US Health Group




"I have engaged FIRE-UP to do multiple trainings for my teams. The results of their trainings have always been outstanding. In FIRE-UP, you’ll learn the very best tips and techniques for being a superstar presenter and delivered to you in bite sized, easy to use nuggets."

Tracey Newell, President, Informatica



"The FIRE-UP Training is must for all human beings who wish to tap into their greater potential. The FIRE-UP Training challenges us to share of our individuality, and engage with empathy, to more effectively communicate and powerfully influence. FIRE-UP’s inspiration is as much about presentations as it is about character and empowerment, and poignant for nervous “beginners” as well as for sage “experts.”


Christine Todd, President, Standish Mellon Asset Management

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