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Energize Your Meetings And Use Them To Drive Meaningful Results!

The average person’s week is filled with meetings, but unfortunately many of those meetings are poorly facilitated and don’t lead to meaningful results. Instead they become a source of frustration and are a waste of time and resources. Have you ever attended a meeting that lacked focus and didn’t accomplish much? the good news is that your meetings don’t have to be that way. In fact, your meetings should be the superchargers that allow your team to smash through obstacles and achieve their outcomes. The Meeting Facilitation Mastery Training will lead you step by step to establish a system that produces outstanding meetings every single time. After the training your meetings will be focused, energized and efficient and they will consistently produce breakthrough results!


Meeting Facilitation Mastery is is a one-day training that can be conducted either face to face or in a virtual setting. The training is designed for up to 12 attendees.



In the Meeting Facilitation Mastery Training

you will learn how to:

1. Determine what types of meetings are essential for your team.

2. Eliminate meetings that don’t add value.

3. Optimize pre-meeting communication so attendees arrived prepared.

4. Create a meaningful outcome for every meeting.

5. Reduce distractions and keep meetings on track to achieve the outcome.

6. Motivate and inspire meeting attendees to play full out.

7. Create a safe environment for candid discussion.

8. Pre-frame and reduce potential challenges.

9. Capture action items and insure accountability.

10. Use your meetings to define and invigorate your culture.




You’re Meeting Facilitation Mastery Toolkit Includes:

1. The Meeting Facilitation Mastery Workbook

2. The Meeting Planner Worksheet



The training doesn’t end after just 2 days

1.You will receive 6 Coaching Emails that will remind and refocus you on the core Meeting Facilitation Mastery concepts

2. You will receive access to the Meeting Facilitation Mastery video on demand library





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