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When The Camera Is On, We’ll Make Sure You Shine

If you’re being interviewed on camera or if you’re filming a video message, you’ve got to be at your very best, because as it’s often said, the camera doesn’t lie. A poor media appearance or a lackluster video message can harm your image and your brand. Whether you have experience in media appearances and video messages or not, the FIRE-UP Media Coaching is guaranteed to take you to a whole new level of performance. Imagine what it would feel like to be totally at ease and filled with confidence in front of the camera. (Even if you have a challenging interview or you have to deliver a tough message.) And then imagine when the camera starts rolling, the perfect words just seem to flow naturally and charismatically out of your mouth. If it sounds like a dream, it’s not. The FIRE-UP Media Coaching will prepare you to be at your best when the pressure is on.


The FIRE-UP Media Coaching is a highly customizable program. First, you’ll have a virtual coaching session with a FIRE-UP Elite Coach to determine the exact outcomes you are looking to accomplish through our coaching program. Then we will devise a coaching game plan that will be comprised of an initial one or two days of media coaching. The coaching will be done in San Diego in our media coaching facility. We will simulate real life situations where you will be interviewed on camera or you will film video messages. The actual filming will allow us to use visual feedback to raise your level of performance. Our years of experience will allow you to get results in one or two days that would normally take years or decades to obtain.



Some of the results you can expect from the FIRE-UP Media Coaching are:

1. You’ll increase your presence, power and warmth in front of the camera.

2. You’ll deliver the perfect message every time.

3. You’ll have supreme confidence in your communication ability.

4. You’ll handle tough questions with ease.

5. You’ll be prepared and ready in any situation.

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