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The Elite FIRE-UP Training is reserved for the professionals who want to leave no stone unturned when it comes to maximizing their presentation ability. To be accepted for the Elite FIRE-UP Training in addition to being a graduate of the Advanced FIRE-UP Training you must also submit a video application. The strategies taught in the Elite FIRE-UP Training are so advanced most of your peers and competition will probably never have heard of them. Our goal is to put you on the same level as subject matter experts who charge tens of thousands of dollars to deliver their presentations. The Elite Training is limited to a maximum of only 10 participants to insure the utmost in personal attention and coaching.


If you are accepted into the Elite FIRE-UP Training, you will begin the training with a one on one virtual coaching session with one of our Elite Coaches. This coaching session will prepare you to design your “Signature Keynote”. This will be a presentation that establishes your brand as a subject matter expert and sets you apart from your competition. The coaching session will be followed by the 2-day Elite training. In the Elite Training your Signature Keynote will be further refined and you will be coached to deliver it with presence, power and warmth. You will receive a copy of your Signature Keynote as well as digital copies of you delivering 3 two to three minute videos consisting of key elements of your Signature Keynote. These videos can be used to post to social media or to your website to enhance your brand. Approximately 30 days after completing the 2-day face to face portion of the Elite FIRE-UP Training, you will have a final one-on-one virtual coaching session with your Elite Coach to insure that you integrate



The Elite FIRE-UP Process

1. First you must be a graduate of the FIRE-UP Your Presentations Training and the Advanced FIRE-UP Your Presentations Training

2. You will be asked to submit a short video application for acceptance into the Elite FIRE-UP Training

3. If you are accepted, you will begin the Elite Training with a one on one personalized coaching session with your Elite Coach

4. Then, you will attend the 2-day Elite FIRE-UP Training where you will refine your “Signature Keynote”

5. Approximately 30 days after the training you will receive a final one-on-one coaching session with your Elite Coach



You’re elite FIRE-UP Toolkit Includes:

1. Two one-on-one coaching sessions with your Elite Coach

2. Development of your brand building Signature Keynote

3. Digital recording of your Signature Keynote

4. Digital recordings of three 2-3 minute social media videos






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