BOOK “Fire Up Your Presentations & Fire Up Your Results

by Tom McCarthy

This book shows you how to master the three most important elements of a persuasive presentation. First, you’ll learn to structure your message effectively to take your audience from where they are to where you want them to end up. Remember, a presentation is only effective if it produces the pre-determined result that you intended it to achieve.Then you’ll learn the most powerful techniques for eliminating negative thoughts and emotions like anxiety and fear and replacing them with positive emotions like confidence and excitement. When you get up to present, the most important thing is how you feel. You’ll be mastering the mental tools you need to feel great for every presentation.Finally, you’ll discover how to deliver your message in a way that connects you with your audience at a deep level. You’ll learn techniques that enable you to present with confidence and charisma, even under the toughest circumstances. You’ll also be able to move your audience emotionally so that they will willingly and enthusiastically take action towards your predefined outcome.

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BOOK “Win the Presentation Game” by Tom McCarthy/David Hutchinson

Stop Struggling with your Presentations. Start Winning the Presentation Game!Discover 52 Power Plays to Captivate, Energize and Activate Your Audience

PART ONE: Create an Engaging Story- ideas for developing and delivering dynamic content that instantly hooks your audience. Everyone loves a great story!
PART TWO: Feel Like a Winner!-ways to get yourself feeling confident, energized, and ready to go in front of anyone. There’s simply nothing more important than how you feel.
PART THREE: Energize Your Audience-strategies for getting and holding your audience’sattention, staying connected, and moving people to action.

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CD “Talking to Win”

Talking keeps the world going around. The best business people, parents, friends, lovers, teachers, politicians – you name it – are great talkers. Some are better than others.

But everyone talks!

Session One
Communication Ease

We’ve created a Paraliminal to make it easier to talk and get the results you want. It will help you condition your mind to speak with ease and effectiveness, eliminate self-defeating behaviors, and install successful strategies for conversations – all in the first session.

Session Two
Powerful Presentations

This session of Talking to Win assists you in becoming a masterful presenter, whether you have to speak about a difficult subject to a family member, talk to a group, or present a formal speech to a large audience. This session helps transform pressure into confidence so you can communicate and lead with ease.

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CD “Peak Performance “

We all strive to be good at something, because this leads to power… or love… or money… or recognition… or acceptance… or parental success… or career success… or relationship success.. or health… or success in competitive games… or avoidance of hardships… or recreational fun… or avoidance of unpleasantness… or your personal legacy. Right?!

For peak performance – even if it is for something as seemingly mundane as exercising every morning – you begin with motivation. And that’s where we begin with the new Peak Performance Paraliminal.

Session One

The first session motivates you into action to create the most powerful ways possible to attain results. It could be for anything:… hitting your sales goals… lowering your golf score… winning a competition… read a book… eating healthfully… clean the house… finish a project… practice a technique… you name it.

Session Two

This session of Peak Performance will aid in rising to your personal best with a powerful and sustaining passion excelling in any endeavor, despite pressures you may experience. Whether you are preparing for an athletic competition, sales presentation, concert, speech or reunion, you can use this to become your highest self.

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