Program: FIRE-UP Your Virtual Presentations

Make Your Virtual Presentations As Powerful As Your Face To Face Presentations


Did you know that 90% of survey respondents said they usually multi-task when they participate in virtual presentations or meetings? As a presenter, you want and need their full attention, but you might not be getting it. Fortunately there is a way to make your virtual presentations as impactful and engaging as your face to face presentations and FIRE-UP Your Virtual Presentations will show you exactly how to do that. FIRE-UP Your Virtual Presentations will help you stop the insanity of giving virtual presentations that people aren’t really engaged in. This training will be a game changer for your virtual presentations!



FIRE-UP Your Virtual Presentations is conducted over two 4-hour webinars or over TelePresence sessions and is limited to 10 participants.

In the training you will learn how to:

  1. Get your virtual attendees engaged before you even start your presentation.
  2. Get yourself to play at an energy level that matches your face to face presentations.
  3. Get your attendees to fully participate in your presentation. No multitasking.
  4. Use advance virtual communication strategies to drive audience action.

FIRE-UP Your Virtual Presentations is an experiential training. You will be delivering a virtual presentation and getting expert coaching to take your virtual presentations to a whole new level!

Your FIRE-UP Your Virtual Presentation Toolkit Includes:

  1. The FIRE-UP Your Virtual Presentation Workbook
  2. Digital recording of your virtual presentation and your personalized coaching
  3. Free access to our video on demand library of FIRE-UP Your Virtual Presentations

When the training ends, it’s really just beginning…

  1. You will receive 6 Coaching Emails that will remind and refocus you on the core FIRE-UP Your Virtual Presentation concepts
  2. You will receive unlimited access to the FIRE-UP Your Virtual Presentations Coaching Portal and it’s videos that reinforce every aspect of the FIRE-UP Your Virtual Presentations Training

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