Program: FIRE-UP Your Technical Presentations

Make Your Technology Presentations Energizing,
Captivating and Memorable


The Problem: Unfortunately many technical presentations fail to connect with the audience and move them to take action.

The Solution: FIRE-UP Your Technical Presentations.

FIRE-UP is a fast paced and invigorating 2-day training program that has a worldwide reputation for producing breakthrough results. As a technology expert you are under tremendous pressure to produce results. Every presentation counts and in many situations, if your first presentation doesn’t go well, you don’t get a second chance. The FIRE-UP Training is designed to help you turn your technology into a fascinating presentation. The FIRE-UP presentation coaches aren’t just ordinary trainers like you might find in other training programs. Every FIRE-UP Coach has to have been a superstar presenter in the business world before they began facilitating the FIRE-UP Training. They’ve been in your shoes, they’ve produced under pressure, and now they want to help you do the same.

The FIRE-UP Training will make you an expert in 3 critical areas:

  1.  How to design a compelling presentation that will move your audience to action.
  2.  How to mentally prepare yourself to perform at the highest level under pressure.
  3.  How to energize and motivate even the toughest audiences.

You’ll Learn to:

  • Create a compelling outcome for every presentation.
  • Understand your audience’s pain and design an irresistible solution.
  • Organize your technical presentation around 3 “sexy” core concepts.
  • Eliminate all disempowering thoughts and emotions that could derail you.
  • Use a proven 3-minute mental preparation routine to create unshakeable confidence.
  • Grab your audience’s attention before you even begin.
  • Align with your audience as a trusted advisor.
  • Break the ice with a powerful opening.
  • Create a burning desire for your technology.
  • Create visuals, experiences and demonstrations that enhance your message.
  • Communicate with charisma that will win over any audience.
  • Turn every presentation into a “series of connected conversations.”
  • Move with a purpose to maximize your connection.
  • Use your voice and body language to create presence and power.
  • Get your audience highly engaged in your presentation.
  • Excel in virtual presentations.
  • Get your audience to take action.

Your FIRE-UP Toolkit Includes:

  1. The FIRE-UP Workbook
  2. FIRE-UP Your Presentations hardcover book
  3. Win the Presentation Game book
  4. Digital video recording of your presentations and coaching
  5. The “Feel Like A Winner” mental preparation routine
  6. The FIRE-UP preparation worksheet

The training doesn’t end after just 2 days.

  1. You will receive 6 Coaching Emails that will remind and refocus you on the core FIRE-UP concepts
  2. You will receive unlimited access to the FIRE-UP Coaching Portal and it’s 31 videos that reinforce every aspect of the FIRE-UP Training

You’ve never seen coaching like this:

We incorporate state of the art neuro-associative coaching techniques that will allow you to make improvements in two days that would normally take months or years to make. All of this is done in an encouraging and supportive environment that will have you pushing your limits and surprising yourself on how easily you can become an outstanding presenter!

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