Program: Advanced FIRE-UP Training

Take Your Ability To Persuade Audiences To The Next Level

As a graduate of the FIRE-UP Your Presentations Training, you’re already one of the best of the best. The Advanced FIRE-UP Training will enable you to take the concepts you’ve learned in FIRE-UP Your Presentations to a whole new level. Our goal is to get you to a level that 99% of presenters will never get to. The Advanced Training begins with a 90-minute webinar that will prepare you to hit the ground running for the 2-day training. The Advanced Training is limited to 12 participants, so you will be receiving highly personalized coaching that will guarantee you get the results you are looking for.

You will achieve a new level of mastery in the 3 core FIRE-UP concepts:

  1. How to design a compelling presentation that will move your customer to action.
  2. How to mentally prepare yourself to perform at the highest level under pressure.
  3. How to energize and motivate even the toughest customers.

In addition you’ll also learn how to:

  1. Create and deliver a Powerful Elevator Pitch.
  2. Instantly create and deliver a compelling message in impromptu situations.
  3. Utilize icebreakers to instantly get your audience’s attention.
  4. Use “hecklers” to increase your audience’s engagement.
  5. Deliver energizing video messages.

You’re Advanced FIRE-UP Toolkit Includes:

  1. The Advanced FIRE-UP Workbook
  2. Digital video recording of your Elevator Pitch
  3. Digital recording of your Impromptu Presentation
  4. Digital recording of your Video Message

The training doesn’t end after just 2 days.

  1. You will receive 6 Coaching Emails that will remind and refocus you on the core FIRE-UP concepts
  2. You will receive unlimited access to the FIRE-UP Coaching Portal and it’s 31 videos that reinforce every aspect of the FIRE-UP Training

You’ve never seen coaching like this:

We incorporate state of the art neuro-associative coaching techniques that will allow you to make improvements in two days that would normally take months or years to make. All of this is done in an encouraging and supportive environment that will have you pushing your limits and surprising yourself on how easily you can become an outstanding presenter!

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