FIRE-UP Your Presentations Book


This book shows you how to master the two most important elements of a persuasive presentation.


First, you’ll learn to structure your message effectively to take your audience from where they are to where you want them to end up. Remember, a presentation is only effective if it produces a pre-determined result that you intended it to achieve.

Second, you’ll discover how to deliver your message in such a way that your audience is moved emotionally so they will want to go with you to your ultimate goal. A presentation is the transfer of emotion. You must get your audience to feel empowering feelings about the information and ideas that you are delivering.

This system for persuasive presentations can be applied in every area of your life where you want to persuade individuals or groups.

Whether you’re talking to your spouse about a ski trip, your kids about staying away from drugs, the parents of your Little League Team or the PTA about a new ball field, your city council about improvements to your community, your boss about a raise, your latest prospect about a million-dollar contract, your co-workers about an important project, your management team about a company reorganization, or an audience of thousands about a revolutionary idea or project, you must be able to communicate your ideas clearly in a way that will engage the emotions as well as logic.

You will learn how to enjoy the process of communicating and how to develop a relaxed approach. These skills will aid you in persuading others of your message, and will make presentations something you look forward to with excitement and anticipation instead of dread.

No matter whether you consider yourself a great presenter or the worst speaker on God’s earth, the ideas in this book will help you get better. You already have what it takes to be an outstanding presenter inside of you now. This book will help you tap into the power to communicate persuasively that is already within you.

FIRE-UP Your Presentations and FIRE-UP Your Resultsis an easy and informative read that takes you on a journey through the how-to’s of effectively structuring and delivering a compelling presentation.”Anthony Robbins — Best selling Author of the books “Awaken the Giant Within” and “Unlimited Power”

“Tom McCarthy’s FIRE-UP Your Presentationsbook will help executives and managers move their teams to action and it will help salespeople shorten the sales cycle and close more sales. If you are an executive, a manager or a salesperson, this book is a must read.”Brian Tracy — Chairman & CEO, Brian Tracy Learning Systems

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