POWER PLAY #5: Make Them Itch, Then Scratch


Make Them Itch, Then Scratch

Did you know that tens of thousands of presentations are going on right now, all over the world, where the audiences aren’t paying any attention to the presenters? Or that in one of our recent surveys, 63 percent of people said that presentations they attend end up being a total waste of their time? Or that in another one of our surveys, 95 percent said that most presentations they attend are boring?

Imagine a system you could easily learn, where you could engage 100 percent of your audience right from the beginning and keep them fully engaged throughout the whole presentation. Well, you don’t have to imagine it. You’re absorbing that system right now as you read this book and begin to apply what you’re learning.

And right there in the two paragraphs you just read is one of the key strategies for grabbing your audience’s attention: pose three questions right off the bat that make people catch their breath, and then reveal something that makes them comfortable enough to exhale.

Here’s a recap of the steps:

1. Right at the beginning, pose three questions that hit on your audience’s own fears or uncomfortable experiences.
2. Ask them to imagine a world where these problems disappear.
3. Tell them they don’t have to imagine it, because you’ve already created it.
(I learned this tip from my friend Sam Horn. To learn more from Sam, check out her new book, Do I Have Your Attention?)