POWER PLAY #30 It’s Just a “Presensation”

Yes, you read that right—it’s not a typo. “Presensation” is a word I made up to describe the combination of presentation and conversation.

Remember this: the worst thing you can do when you get up to speak is to go into what I call “presentation mode,” where you sound and look nothing like the real you, but instead like some artificial version of you. You operate wholly out of your head, and nothing comes from your heart. While you might be able to verbalize your key points this way, they probably won’t be very interesting to your audience.

Contrast that with the mode you’re in when you’re having an energizing conversation with a group of coworkers or friends. It’s completely different: in conversation mode, you’re not worrying about every word you say. You’re totally focused on conveying a message to someone else. You’re coming from your heart and your head. This is you at your best.

When you’re in conversation mode while you’re giving a presentation, you’re at your very best again. This is you being “presensational”! A multitude of great things happen: Your ideas flow effortlessly; you sound like a real person and not a robot; your audience can feel your energy.
Start thinking of your presentations in this new way. It’s not business as usual anymore. No more trying to get everything perfect. Instead, engage in a wonderful conversation while you’re presenting. In other words, have a “presensation” with your audience.