POWER PLAY #23 Use Your Power Move

My friend Tony Robbins is regarded by many as one of the most dynamic speakers in the world. If you were to watch him backstage before he goes out to deliver a presentation, you would see him energizing himself by performing a series of dynamic gestures where he thrusts his right hand forward in a powerful punching motion while drawing his left hand backward and pounding it on his chest. All while exhaling an explosive out-breath. Tony calls this his “Power Move” and he uses it as a staple for getting himself ready to go out and consistently deliver the amazing presentations that have made him a legend.

If you’ve ever watched Tiger Woods sink a big putt, you’ve seen his version of a power move when he shakes his fist and yells, “Yes!”

So what’s your power move? I challenge you to come up with one right now. Once you do, try it out. The key to a great power move is that you have to play full out when you do it. You have to be “all in”! If you put everything you’ve got into your power move, it will create a quick and dramatic change that leaves you feeling like the winner you are.