POWER PLAY #14 Flash Your Brilliance

You’ve heard of an “elevator pitch,” a presentation that’s over in a flash and designed for maximum impact, a super-streamlined message delivered with crystal clarity. As a master persuader, it’s something you want to have at the ready. Imagine you found yourself riding in an elevator with the most influential decision- maker you could ever meet, and you have sixty seconds to spark interest in you, your product, or your company.

Do you know what you’d say in a situation like that?

To figure it out, try beginning with “You know how…” and then fill in the blank with the problem your typical customer experiences. Follow up with “What I do is…” and tell your listener how you and/or your solution help them solve it. For example, I might say, “You know how many people struggle with giving presentations? Because first, they don’t know what to say. Second, they’re afraid of standing in front of a group of people that might reject them. And third, they don’t know how to deliver what they’re going to say in a captivating and charismatic way.

Well, what I do is give people a system that shows them how to structure a message that will motivate their customers to take action, then I show them how to increase their confidence, and finally I help them master delivering their presentations with a

charisma that seals the deal and leaves a permanent impression.” It’s a formula that works for any situation. Try it with yours!