POWER PLAY #13 FIRE-UP Your Audience!

POWER PLAY #13 FIRE-UP Your Audience!

Years ago I came up with a system for a persuasive presentation, something anyone could use, no matter what they’re selling. After studying all the research and methods I could find on persuasive presenting, I arrived at this acronym: FIRE-UP. Each letter stands for a step you need to take with your customer to persuade them to take action. You’ve already learned about each of these steps, so you can use it as a quick mnemonic to remember what to do at every presentation.

After you create your intended outcome with your audience in mind (Power Plays #1, #2, and #3), use the following process to create an engaging story and FIRE-UP your audience:
F—Focus your audience on you (Power Plays #4 and #5). I— Inform your audience of the outcome (Power Play #6). R—Remind your audience of their pain (Power Play #7). E—Educate and empower your audience (Power Plays #8 and #9). U—Use your audience’s unique pain to demonstrate your solution (Power Play #10). P—Propose a commitment. (Power Plays #11 and #12).

These steps are already in the perfect order to present to your audience, and you can apply them to any type of presentation.

They’re especially helpful when you’re speaking for fifteen minutes or more, because they provide a powerful structure that leads straight to the conclusion you’ve chosen: an outcome that moves your audience members to take powerful action to solve their problems with your solution. Plus it’s an easy way to remember all the Power Plays you just learned!

But what about those more impromptu situations where you might not have the chance to put this full process into practice?

Keep the following two Power Plays in your back pocket, and you’ll always be ready to share your message at a moment’s notice.