POWER PLAY #7: Bring The Pain

POWER PLAY #7 Bring the Pain You’ve heard the cliché, “No pain, no gain,” and it’s especially true when it comes to presenting. Earlier, we established that the best presentations solve the audience’s problem, but it’s not enough for you to know there’s a problem, nor is it enough for them to know there’s a

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POWER PLAY #6: Give Them A Sexy Headline

POWER PLAY #6 Give Them a Sexy Headline When you look at a newspaper or magazine, what determines which articles you read? It’s the headline. If the headline catches your attention, you’ll check out the article, but if the headline doesn’t appeal to you, you move right on. This is the same way your audience

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POWER PLAY #5: Make Them Itch, Then Scratch

POWER PLAY #5  Make Them Itch, Then Scratch Did you know that tens of thousands of presentations are going on right now, all over the world, where the audiences aren’t paying any attention to the presenters? Or that in one of our recent surveys, 63 percent of people said that presentations they attend end up being

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POWER PLAY #4: F— the Audience

POWER PLAY #4 F—– the Audience At the beginning of any presentation, attendees are usually restless. They have no idea whether they’re going to be bored or get anything out of it. They’re distracted, too, and often will be fiddling with their phones or whispering to someone next to them. Seriously, unless they’ve paid to

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POWER PLAY #3: See the World Through Their Eyes

Let’s say you’re on a car lot looking to buy. A salesperson saunters up for a meet and greet, gauges your interest, and determines you’re serious. It’s actually going pretty well—no pressure yet, and he seems nice enough. When he asks what you have in mind, you say you’re interested in a compact hybrid, because

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Power Play #1 Begin at the End

POWER PLAY #1 Begin at the End Bestselling 7 Habits of Highly Successful People author Stephen R. Covey famously counseled that successful people “begin with the end in mind,” by which he meant that if you want to accomplish something great, it’s best if you first figure out what that something is. Metaphors abound: know

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