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POWER PLAY #28 Use Your Superchargers

What short phrase can you say to yourself to provide instant energy? Something like, “Let’s go!” “Have fun!” “Play full out!” “Just do it!” “This is a blast!” “I love it!” These are just a few examples of what I call superchargers. What supercharger will work best for you? Honestly, I don’t know, because the

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POWER PLAY #27 Feel Your Very Best Emotions

POWER PLAY #27 Feel Your Very Best Emotions Have you ever given a presentation where absolutely everything went perfectly? You know what I’m talking about: you looked good, felt good, and even smelled good—and the right words flowed effortlessly out of your mouth. I bet you’ve had at least one of those. What about the

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POWER PLAY #26 Think Your Very Best Thoughts

POWER PLAY #26 Think Your Very Best Thoughts Most presenters limit what they think they’re capable of doing. They base their evaluation of themselves on their past experiences—which is a dangerous practice, because it doesn’tallow for growth. The thoughts you had yesterday don’t have to be the thoughts you have today. All increases in performance

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POWER PLAY #25 Change Your Identity

POWER PLAY #25 Change Your Identity Imagine that two people who have been fifty pounds overweight for the past ten years decide to go on a diet. After six months of dieting, both succeed in losing fifty pounds. A year later, one of them has gained back the fifty pounds, plus another ten, while the

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POWER PLAY #24 Breathe Your Tension Away

POWER PLAY #24 Breathe Your Tension Away When the average person gets up to speak, a few things happen. His heart starts beating faster, his blood pressure rises, and he begins breathing more rapidly. What are these characteristics indicating? They are signs that the mind and body are sensing imminent danger and have switched into

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POWER PLAY #23 Use Your Power Move

My friend Tony Robbins is regarded by many as one of the most dynamic speakers in the world. If you were to watch him backstage before he goes out to deliver a presentation, you would see him energizing himself by performing a series of dynamic gestures where he thrusts his right hand forward in a

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POWER PLAY #22 Interrupt Poor Mental Patterns

POWER PLAY #22 Interrupt Poor Mental Patterns Sometimes when you’re working on a computer, things start to go haywire. It can slow down or stop functioning altogether. When this happens, it’s impossible to get any work done, because the machine just can’t perform. What’s the magical fix? Often, it’s as simple as a reboot: everything

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POWER PLAY #20 Prepare Like an Athlete

What do professional athletes and entertainers do before they perform? That’s right, they warm up.Watch any athletic contest on TV, and you’ll get a glimpse of the players getting ready for the competition. You’ll see them stretching, jumping up and down, and even saying things to themselves or their teammates. What they’re really doing is

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POWER PLAY #18 You Determine How You Feel

Right now, point to the person who determines how you feel. I hope you’re not pointing to your spouse, your boss, or anyone other than yourself, because—of course!—it’s you. You determine how you feel. But here’s the rub: Is there someone in your life who’s an expert at ticking you off? If you’re like most

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